Tanto Trivia Trap! The Game!

Tanto Trivia Trap

Yes, this is real. So what’s the prize?

A promo card of Milly Violet from the Romantic Doki Doki Vacation set. This was only released as a promotional card, so if you bought this set well after it was released, you won’t be getting her:

Milly 2

You’ll notice that this is the Japanese version. The good news is she’s also found in the core set of Tanto Cuore, and her abilities haven’t changed since then:

Milly 3

We have only three available to give away. The rules for winning one of these cards are as follows:

There are ten questions you need to answer. They can be found here. DO NOT ANSWER THE QUESTIONS DIRECTLY ON THE TWITTER FEEDS OR YOU WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY DISQUALIFIED. Instead, email your answers to animetriviatrap AT gmail DOT com.

You must get them all correct. Don’t worry, you have until the 15th of this month to make sure they’re all right.

Winners are not on a first come, first served (oh that word!) basis. We will pick 3 people who answered all of the questions correctly at random to receive one of those promotional cards sometime after the deadline.

So are you ready? I’m not. 😦


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