GAS Podcast Episode 70 – Stripper Splits

2014-09-24 00_11_23

Best Bug

Recorded 09-24-2014 @ Slam Internet Radio

We’ve come to the decision to only post on this blog podcast episodes that have some more substance than just a general summary of what we did for this week, so if it looks like we haven’t posted in this blog for awhile, check out our iTunes feed first before bugging us on our Facebook page.

If you listened to our podcast live for this week, Carl mentioned that he was going to upload a video after this episode was over. And he didn’t fail to deliver this time:

This version of Wonder Momo developed by WayForward is only available on Mac OSX and Google Play, so if you have a device that runs either operating system, you should check it out. It’s pretty fun.

Oh yeah, Keaton is finally back on the show and both he and Gus were talking about some Anime they liked for this year’s summer season.

Direct Download:
Slam Internet Radio


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