GAS Podcast Episode 75 – Wind Breaker

The awesome song we used for the intro for this week’s episode. The song we used for the outro is below:

If you want to buy the soundtrack, you can click on this link. It’s also on iTunes, but we’d recommend you get it from the developers directly since you get extra tracks. Like, a lot of them.

Recorded 11-05-2014 @ Slam Internet Radio

Direct Download:
Slam Internet Radio
iTunes (Whenever it gets there)

Show notes:
Transistor, the source of the intro and outro music. Was released on the Mac and Linux last week, but you could’ve gotten it on Windows and PS4 half a year ago.
– Why people are complaining about terrible narrative in games when Transistor shows you how it’s done.
– A good reason why Heroes of the Storm is still in alpha.
– The last ten minutes were us watching Road Blaster. It’s times like these where we wished we had video feeds:

See you next week! We’re actually scheduled not to broadcast next week because we have to attend another event. We’ll let you know what that is when it happens.


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