GAS Podcast Episode 76 – He’s Restarting the Race

Road Blaster video for people who didn’t see it last week. Kinda goes into part of the discussion that happens later in the episode<

Recorded 11-06-2014 @ Keaton’s House

Dave was playing Gran Turismo 6 throughout the entire podcast, hence why they’d occasionally interrupt with car talk.

Direct Download:
iTunes (Whenever it gets there)

Show notes:
– Phantom Breaker is pretty simple, but it’s still complicated to explain in a way that expresses how simple it is.
– Keaton wonders what’s the big deal about Road Blaster’s animation, and Carl and Dave explain why.
– How Crypton Future Media is ruining Miku’s brand image in the United States redux.
– What TMS Entertainment has to do with Western Animation and studio UFO Table.
– Lots of random Gran Turismo 6 tangents.

See you next week! For real this time!


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