GAS Podcast Episode 77 – This is Games. Anime. and Stuff. Signing Out

IMG_2883 (2)

Actually, we’re not doing this permanently. It was just we started off so late for this episode. Pic sorta related.
Recorded 11-19-2014 @ Slam Internet Radio

We mostly talk about our experience with Gail Carriger’s book tour in the Chicagoland area, along with whatever Carl was able to talk about Blizzcon before they actually did run out of air time for this week’s episode.

Episode Intro music:

Episode Outro music:

Music comes from the Beatbuddy video game, which you can get at or steam, or iOS. You can buy the Soundtrack here.

Direct Download:
Slam Internet Radio
iTunes (Whenever it gets there)

The iTunes link above is for all of our podcasts, including the ones that were recorded outside of Slam Internet Radio. Slam Internet Radio has an iTunes podcast feed as well, but they only archive the episodes that we’ve recorded with them. And if you only want to listen to our episodes, you’re not going to like the fact that it’s going to be listed along with every other show that Slam Internet Radio hosts too.

Show notes:
– How awesome Gail Carriger was and how she handled answering some of the questions her audience had during her Q&A sessions.
– What kind of licensed game Dave would make based on Gail Carriger’s universe.
– Blizzard’s Overwatch intro cinematic looked really awesome as well as feeling like Pixar had a hand in animating it, which explains why there were a lot of things that felt Blizzard-esque in Big Hero 6.
– Some Heroes of the storm stuff.
– Carl gets David Reyes hyped with all of the stuff they’re going to introduce for Legacy of the Void.

See you next week!


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