GAS Podcast Episode 78 – Write it Out in Musical Notation


Recorded 11-26-2014 @ Slam Internet Radio

Intro song:

Outro song (this one’s kind of long):

We actually have material to talk about right before Thanksgiving weekend! Hope you’re all ready for it, since we’re never ready with our material, as usual.

Direct Download:
Slam Internet Radio
iTunes (Whenever it gets there)

The iTunes link above is for all of our podcasts, including the ones that were recorded outside of Slam Internet Radio. Slam Internet Radio has an iTunes podcast feed as well, but they only archive the episodes that we’ve recorded with them. And if you only want to listen to our episodes, you’re not going to like the fact that it’s going to be listed along with every other show that Slam Internet Radio hosts too.

Show notes:
– Dave, Carl, and Twain’s nominations for game of the year. We also discuss the new rules for what constitutes as a nominee for this due to Carl and Dave not playing many games that were released on 2014.
– More post-discussion about Keaton’s shenanigans playing video games Carl and Dave throw at him.
– Dave talking about random things he’s found over the internet
– Carl explaining the nature of how GPUs fail and how certain repair shops say that this is the cause of the problem which it actually isn’t even though their solution does work temporarily.

See you next week! We hope!


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