GAS Podcast Episode 79 – Come Back in Time and Tell Us Quicker

Google has some strange tastes.

Should’ve stuck with the search “Come back and tell us quicker.”

Episode Intro music:

Episode Outro music:

Direct Download:
Slam Internet Radio
iTunes (Whenever it gets there)

The iTunes link above is for all of our podcasts, including the ones that were recorded outside of Slam Internet Radio. Slam Internet Radio has an iTunes podcast feed as well, but they only archive the episodes that we’ve recorded with them. And if you only want to listen to our episodes, you’re not going to like the fact that it’s going to be listed along with every other show that Slam Internet Radio hosts too.

Not really anything interesting going on this week during yesterday’s broadcast, so here’s the show notes:

– Carl won’t shut up about Strike Suit Zero. Must be a really good game then
– Talking about the upcoming Chicago theatrical release of the new Ghibli film.
– Rambling about how much DRM sucks and the alternatives to Steam.

See you next week!


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