GAS Podcast Not Episode 100- I dont think anyone listens to this podcast so…


Picture has nothing to do with this episode. Mostly, anyway.


Carl and Dave sit down with Gail Carriger to talk about… Yoi manga. Yeah. That’s it.

Wait, come back!

We do mean good manga and not what you think we mean! And we also talk about a bunch of other Stuff too!


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Episode notes:

  • Starbucks English Breakfast Tea– Good English-styled Breakfast starter tea. Also make sure to use whole milk with it.
  • Carl and Gail Carriger do a shout out to Volumes where she had her Q&A Session in Chicago, which also has good unsweetened iced tea
  • Silvanas’ Location in the United States
  • Aqua Manga 
  • Aria Manga (Chronologically read after Aqua; Tokyopop picked up the publishing rights of this shortly after ADV went under, so don’t be confused if the first three volumes come from under ADV. Unfortunately, Tokyopop also stopped mostly existing before they were able to publish the whole thing over here)
  • Emma Manga
  • Kino’s Journey (Novel version; the novel came first before the anime and manga adaptations of it)

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