About us

GAS originally began as an idea for us to get together and talk about our favorite pastimes: Games, Anime, and the Stuff related between them. After screwing around with the podcasting equipment we had available to us, we wanted to take this a step further to see if we can make our presence heard within the Chicagoland area realized how much of a pain in the butt to keep setting this all up at different places and eventually bumped into the folks of Slam Internet Radio to take care of the recording and broadcasting process for us. Most of the time, anyway.

So who are the people that comprise GAS?

IMG_0062 copy

David Reyes is one of the founders of the podcasting group and is well versed in anything related to Magic: The Gathering, rhythm games (especially those made by Konami), obscure video game hardware, and stuff related to science fiction. He’s also quite knowledgable in anything construction-related and likes breaking things for a living. If you’re a librarian, you should fear him because he will be there all day, especially if your location is one that he’s never visited before and contains books that interest him (which, unfortunately, is pretty much every book he hasn’t read yet).

Carl Dayagdag is the other half responsible for this crazy idea and is usually the man behind the curtain pulling the strings. Like with the other crazy ideas that come from his head, most of them quickly get shot down by David because he’s concerned that someday one of them might break the very fabric of reality once it develops a gravitational pull. Coupled with his interests like photographing anime figures in public and watching anime outside of his demographic, it’s no wonder why Dave is always worried.

While David is crazy about cars in video games, Gus Navarrete is the go-to guy when it comes to cars in real life. His power levels in anything related to movies is unmatched within the GAS collective and usually shares the same wavelength with David on many subjects. One of his signature moves unfortunately is unable to be shown during our recordings since it involves throwing things at other people because he’s frustrated with them not taking the initiative when it comes to dating girls. You’ll have to take our word on this one until we can figure out how to integrate video into our workflow.

Keaton Heflin is the group’s starving artist, and is still learning as much as he can about the art of illustration and animation. A fellow artist once told him that one should not give out their work for free, and has demanded payment for whatever works are commissioned from him ever since. What we didn’t tell him was that our method of payment for creating the logo that you see for this blog was making him part of our on-air talent until it was too late.

Danny Canales, also known as Donut by those that know him, brings a lot of flavor to the shows that he’s present for and has the highest probably generating a catchphrase out of all of us. He’ll tend to make subtle references to anything by Rooster Teeth Productions, That Guy with the Glasses, or one of the many other podcasts he listens to. He’s also the most funny out of all of us, so it sucks that his work schedule conflicts our podcasting times.


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