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Happy New Year!

Is this blog starting to move again? That’s a good possibility. For now, just enjoy this illustration by pixiv artist Dorothy. She does really great Aikatsu art.


Blog’s Had Lots of Idle Activity!

If any one of you got that reference, you get a sticker book.

Just kidding.

This post is just to let you know that we’ve trimmed out a lot of the old content from this blog. Don’t worry; a lot of what was removed were just podcast episodes posted here. You probably aren’t going to miss them anyway since you could always just listen to those past episodes directly over here.

This blog post is also an announcement that we’re currently in the planning stages of continuing activity for this series since it never wants to die for some reason.

One Little Post-E3 Tidbit I missed….

There aren’t that may serious RTS developers left in the world. Only three remain standing- Relic, Blizzard, and Creative Assembly.1

Strangely enough, nobody cared when they had a sneak peak of Dawn of War 3 at E3 2016. I’m guessing the reason why is because it was a pre-alpha build that players couldn’t interact with, and I’m usually wary of any version of a game that doesn’t have a public playable build yet. However, I did find something amusing about one of the design decisions made about the game based on what Eurogamer covered:

Relic Entertainment’s strength over Blizzard is that their RTS games always looked a lot better.2 While they went for a more realistic art style with Dawn of War 2,3 they chose to use brighter colors and simpler unit model designs for this entry, which is not what you’d typically use to emphasize the grim darkness of the far future. The reason given was it’s easier to discern information with brighter colors and simpler designs, especially when there’s a lot of action happening on the screen at once and you need to make that split-second decision that will either make or break your army.

Of course since Blizzard hired all of the top-tier RTS talent over a decade ago, they already figured this out, which explains why they did it for Diablo III despite it being just as grimdark as the Warhammer 40K series.

Based on what I’ve heard about the game so far, they’re going back to their Dawn of War 1 roots, which got me interested in this. My only concern is if they’ll bring back all of the other factions from the first game, since what really disappointed me about Dawn of War 2 was that they never brought back every single playable army from the tabletop game.4

  1. Okay, you can also lump Blackbird Interactive in there too, even if they’re technically former Relic employees. 
  2. There’s a technical reason for that. Blizzard codes their games to run on as many low-end systems as possible with the tradeoff being that players don’t see much framerate improvements if they’re using bleeding-edge hardware. 
  3. They were kind of forced to go with that since were using a modified version of the engine made for the Company of Heroes games. 
  4. Funny that the only army they left out in the first Dawn of War game was the Zerg-like Tyranids, which they promptly shoved in for the launch of the second game. 

GAS Podcast Episode 78a – Ah, Welp, Everyone’s Dead

It’s like getting two podcasts in one!

Recorded 11-25-2014 @ Keaton’s House

Dave wasn’t playing Empire at War during this podcast, so we’re not going to have the same kind of interruptions like we did during the last few podcasts at Keaton’s House. Well, except for those Facebook ones.

Direct Download:
iTunes (Whenever it gets there)

Show notes:
– Keaton’s impressions of Strike Suit Zero (the original, not the Director’s Cut)
– Issues with trying to play games on OSX
– Talking about Galactic Heroes
– Keaton’s impressions of Monument Valley

See you next week!

GAS Podcast Episode 77 – This is Games. Anime. and Stuff. Signing Out

IMG_2883 (2)

Actually, we’re not doing this permanently. It was just we started off so late for this episode. Pic sorta related.
Recorded 11-19-2014 @ Slam Internet Radio

We mostly talk about our experience with Gail Carriger’s book tour in the Chicagoland area, along with whatever Carl was able to talk about Blizzcon before they actually did run out of air time for this week’s episode.

Episode Intro music:

Episode Outro music:

Music comes from the Beatbuddy video game, which you can get at or steam, or iOS. You can buy the Soundtrack here.

Direct Download:
Slam Internet Radio
iTunes (Whenever it gets there)

The iTunes link above is for all of our podcasts, including the ones that were recorded outside of Slam Internet Radio. Slam Internet Radio has an iTunes podcast feed as well, but they only archive the episodes that we’ve recorded with them. And if you only want to listen to our episodes, you’re not going to like the fact that it’s going to be listed along with every other show that Slam Internet Radio hosts too.

Show notes:
– How awesome Gail Carriger was and how she handled answering some of the questions her audience had during her Q&A sessions.
– What kind of licensed game Dave would make based on Gail Carriger’s universe.
– Blizzard’s Overwatch intro cinematic looked really awesome as well as feeling like Pixar had a hand in animating it, which explains why there were a lot of things that felt Blizzard-esque in Big Hero 6.
– Some Heroes of the storm stuff.
– Carl gets David Reyes hyped with all of the stuff they’re going to introduce for Legacy of the Void.

See you next week!

GAS Podcast Episode 76a – Yoi Manga


That’s no manga, that’s a novel! But it’s a Yoi Novel!


Dave and Carl interview New York Times Bestselling author Gail Carriger. And it’s pretty cool. We don’t really want to spoil the details, so here’s the direct link to the podcast.

Direct Download:
iTunes (Whenever it gets there)

But, if you insist on wanting to know what transpired, here’s some of the things we talked about:

– Carl’s technical difficulties with the microphone not being secured tightly in its base and slamming into its twice within the first minute of recording (Don’t worry; we’ve fixed the sound whenever it happens so your eardrums don’t explode from all of that sudden air pressure coming out from the speakers).
– Gail’s reasoning for not being phased at all from the visual changes made to the manga adaptation of her Souless novel.
– Gail’s stories from the Japanese localization for some of her novels.
– Her startling revelation that she likes Yoi (which is Japanese for “good” or “high-quality) Manga.
– Why she’s so picky about her Italian food, why she thinks Mexican food over in Chicago isn’t as great as it is in California, and Dave’s attempts to convince her otherwise.

See you next week! For real this time!

A Year Two Years of Aikatsu!


Bandai, you sly dog. I thought I was able to get away from Namco’s money pit forever, but it seems your people know my tastes too well to sucker me into buying other crap from your brand new IP while watching its weekly episodes you keep churning out.

No, I’m not talking about Love Live! or Wake Up Girls! Coincidentally enough, the title does end with an exclamation mark.

It’s called Aikatsu!

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GAS Podcast Episode 70 – Stripper Splits

2014-09-24 00_11_23

Best Bug

Recorded 09-24-2014 @ Slam Internet Radio

We’ve come to the decision to only post on this blog podcast episodes that have some more substance than just a general summary of what we did for this week, so if it looks like we haven’t posted in this blog for awhile, check out our iTunes feed first before bugging us on our Facebook page.

If you listened to our podcast live for this week, Carl mentioned that he was going to upload a video after this episode was over. And he didn’t fail to deliver this time:

This version of Wonder Momo developed by WayForward is only available on Mac OSX and Google Play, so if you have a device that runs either operating system, you should check it out. It’s pretty fun.

Oh yeah, Keaton is finally back on the show and both he and Gus were talking about some Anime they liked for this year’s summer season.

Direct Download:
Slam Internet Radio

GAS Podcast Episode 56 – ACen in Review

If you guessed that they were using Carl’s VGA connector for his Mac on a PC, you’re absolutely correct.

Recorded 05-19-2014 @ Slam Internet Radio

We review the fun times stuck in the wrong lines and give advice on winning money by doubling down.

And yes, we did record episode 55, but everyone who was there at the recording forgot to tell Carl what the details for that episode was because he started a new job which falls around the times that we usually broadcast and can’t be bothered to remember anything about it now.

Direct Download:
Slam Internet Radio
iTunes (Whenever it gets there)