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GAS Podcast 98 – And It’s THICKER!

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 11.25.35 PM.png

SCAN-dalous, indeed. Image relevant to this episode, of course.

Carl and Vanessa talk about CLAMP and Tanpopo. That’s about it. No, seriously.

Also, don’t ask us where to find the fan translation of the manga because that’s actually illegal. Ask google instead.

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GAS Podcast Episode 08- Button Mashing

Recorded 4-09-2013 @ Slam Internet Radio

In this episode, we screw up our introductions for a good ten minutes, then begin talking about the various problems plaguing the gaming industry. It’s also the first time for this year that Danny’s been present for a recording at Slam Internet Radio.

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GAS Podcast Episode 07 – Pencil in Her Banana

2013-asakawa.guest pic

Recorded 04-01-2013 @ Slam Internet Radio

The new GAS Word of the Day is…

Banana: a word used in place of spoilers or expletives said during the show. You’ll be hearing this in practice somewhere in the middle of this episode.

As for the content, we talk about how awesome this year’s ACen became because Yuu Asakawa’s one of the guests visiting this year, then point out how the panel committee screwed up our scheduling really badly, and then rediscover how much Gus hates it when his friends don’t try to take the opportunity to date girls when given the chance. We also go a little bit over some of the anime we were watching for the winter season and almost forget to mention some of the funny April Fools stuff that the internet was pulling off.

Here’s one of the links that managed to survive past April 1st that we mentioned during the show.

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GAS Podcast Episode 3 – Unfortunate Implications

Recorded 2-12-2013

This is the episode where we tell everyone should be gushing on about kalafina coming to Anime Central this year, the Magic pre-release event, and how some people seem to hate Madoka. We also have an example on why it’s bad to listen to Mamiko Noto’s voice while performing a task that requires a lot of your attention.

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