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GAS Podcast Not Episode 100- I dont think anyone listens to this podcast so…


Picture has nothing to do with this episode. Mostly, anyway.


Carl and Dave sit down with Gail Carriger to talk about… Yoi manga. Yeah. That’s it.

Wait, come back!

We do mean good manga and not what you think we mean! And we also talk about a bunch of other Stuff too!

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Gas Podcast 94 – We Have a Cat Timer Now!


Image relevant near the end of this episode.

Carl and Dave talk about buying Japanese books and music, then about the current anime viewing landscape, and how CLAMP trolls. Also, we apologize in advance if you hear any static during playback. That is not your speakers/headphones going nuts, that’s our super-late realization our microphone is slowly kicking the bucket.

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Gas Podcast 93 – The Modules Don’t Work


Dave and Carl talk a little bit about mobile gaming. Well, more like, handheld gaming.

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Nothing much else to say about this other than to check out our Facebook page since Dave should’ve posted the follow-up to some of the stuff we talked about on this episode. Hopefully he did do something about it.

GAS Podcast Episode 92b – GOWWWW!


Keaton and Carl talk about some decisions Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo made for this year’s E3, what Nintendo is planning to do with the NX, and their Warcraft movie experience.

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Some Show notes:

– Warcraft III Prototype build look tons nicer than the finished product:


– Really old Xbone meme:


GAS Podcast Episode 92a – Umm… Hey Kitty


Carl and Dave talk about Steam and, then end up talking a little bit about European Animation.

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Some other miscellaneous information mentioned in this episode:’s steam library linking

– That French Animation Short Keaton Showed Carl when he was still in the Philippines:

– Song of the Sea, the movie that Carl wants Dave to watch because pixar said nice things about the studio’s previous film, which you can totally watch for free now:

GAS Podcast Episode 91- It’s Like A Flip Switch


Carl and Dave talk about the Miku pre-show event in Chicago, reminisce about past Anime Central conventions, why it sucks for Anime Midwest to time their convention on the same dates as Anime Expo, and talk a little bit about arcade games.

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