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Happy New Year!

Is this blog starting to move again? That’s a good possibility. For now, just enjoy this illustration by pixiv artist Dorothy. She does really great Aikatsu art.


Blog’s Had Lots of Idle Activity!

If any one of you got that reference, you get a sticker book.

Just kidding.

This post is just to let you know that we’ve trimmed out a lot of the old content from this blog. Don’t worry; a lot of what was removed were just podcast episodes posted here. You probably aren’t going to miss them anyway since you could always just listen to those past episodes directly over here.

This blog post is also an announcement that we’re currently in the planning stages of continuing activity for this series since it never wants to die for some reason.

GAS Podcast Episode 76a – Yoi Manga


That’s no manga, that’s a novel! But it’s a Yoi Novel!


Dave and Carl interview New York Times Bestselling author Gail Carriger. And it’s pretty cool. We don’t really want to spoil the details, so here’s the direct link to the podcast.

Direct Download:
iTunes (Whenever it gets there)

But, if you insist on wanting to know what transpired, here’s some of the things we talked about:

– Carl’s technical difficulties with the microphone not being secured tightly in its base and slamming into its twice within the first minute of recording (Don’t worry; we’ve fixed the sound whenever it happens so your eardrums don’t explode from all of that sudden air pressure coming out from the speakers).
– Gail’s reasoning for not being phased at all from the visual changes made to the manga adaptation of her Souless novel.
– Gail’s stories from the Japanese localization for some of her novels.
– Her startling revelation that she likes Yoi (which is Japanese for “good” or “high-quality) Manga.
– Why she’s so picky about her Italian food, why she thinks Mexican food over in Chicago isn’t as great as it is in California, and Dave’s attempts to convince her otherwise.

See you next week! For real this time!