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One Little Post-E3 Tidbit I missed….

There aren’t that may serious RTS developers left in the world. Only three remain standing- Relic, Blizzard, and Creative Assembly.1

Strangely enough, nobody cared when they had a sneak peak of Dawn of War 3 at E3 2016. I’m guessing the reason why is because it was a pre-alpha build that players couldn’t interact with, and I’m usually wary of any version of a game that doesn’t have a public playable build yet. However, I did find something amusing about one of the design decisions made about the game based on what Eurogamer covered:

Relic Entertainment’s strength over Blizzard is that their RTS games always looked a lot better.2 While they went for a more realistic art style with Dawn of War 2,3 they chose to use brighter colors and simpler unit model designs for this entry, which is not what you’d typically use to emphasize the grim darkness of the far future. The reason given was it’s easier to discern information with brighter colors and simpler designs, especially when there’s a lot of action happening on the screen at once and you need to make that split-second decision that will either make or break your army.

Of course since Blizzard hired all of the top-tier RTS talent over a decade ago, they already figured this out, which explains why they did it for Diablo III despite it being just as grimdark as the Warhammer 40K series.

Based on what I’ve heard about the game so far, they’re going back to their Dawn of War 1 roots, which got me interested in this. My only concern is if they’ll bring back all of the other factions from the first game, since what really disappointed me about Dawn of War 2 was that they never brought back every single playable army from the tabletop game.4

  1. Okay, you can also lump Blackbird Interactive in there too, even if they’re technically former Relic employees. 
  2. There’s a technical reason for that. Blizzard codes their games to run on as many low-end systems as possible with the tradeoff being that players don’t see much framerate improvements if they’re using bleeding-edge hardware. 
  3. They were kind of forced to go with that since were using a modified version of the engine made for the Company of Heroes games. 
  4. Funny that the only army they left out in the first Dawn of War game was the Zerg-like Tyranids, which they promptly shoved in for the launch of the second game. 

It’s that Time of Year Again…


For those that are living in this time zone, (GMT – 6:00), today is the release date of the Megpoid voice bank, which the fandom uses as the day for Gumi’s birthday. So my contribution for this annual celebration is talk a little bit about how the Rhythm Items work in Megpoid the Music #, since Paraphray’s been neglecting the site for two months and never went into detail into how these mechanics work.

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Review: Megpoid the Music #

Developer: Paraphray
Platform: PSP
Reviewed by: Carl Dayagdag


Amidst all of the high-profile titles that came out last month, this game got lost in the shuffle. Equally as strange is Project Diva f’s port to the PS3 was enough to shove Megpoid the Music # out of the limelight when it clearly should’ve been the exact opposite. And despite what the vocal majority of the naysayers have said about this game in English, personal experience has shown it can hold its own against Sega’s juggernaut.

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Review: Long Live the Queen

Developer: Hanako Games/Spiky Caterpillar
Platform: Windows/OSX/Linux
Reviewed by: Carl Dayagdag
Game Website

For several years, I’ve been trying to get into visual novels to no avail. The reasons as to why would cover an entire blog post on its own, so instead of doing that I’m going to cover one of the rare exceptions of the genre that I really got into: Long Live the Queen.

Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 2.32.28 PM

Don’t let the title screen fool you. This game is pretty dark.
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